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Anonym fragte: How tall are you?


*attempts to measure my height in feet using my own foot as a measure* *discovers i can eat my own ass*

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California Scheming | Jacobin


Examples are numerous. In the days preceding the solidarity strike last fall, UCLA management illegally warned international student workers that striking could mean the loss of their visas. At UC Berkeley, the Vice Chancellor informed management that the strike was illegal and asked that they tell workers ‘they must meet their scheduled teaching responsibilities.’”

hey this is a money quote but read the whole dang thing

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"When I asked Pinker in an email about abortion, however, his response was very much in line with the thinking of feminist theorists.

Abortion may “touch on a characteristic male obsession: controlling the sexuality of women,” he said, noting that in most traditional societies “a woman’s male relatives, and then her husband, will try to control her sexuality in a variety of ways: veils, wigs, clothing, chaperones, segregation by sex, chastity belts, engagement rings, terms of address (‘Mrs. John Smith’), ceremonies (as when a father gives away the bride to her husband), and laws that make a woman the property of her husband.”

These efforts, Pinker said, are driven, in part, by fears of “paternity uncertainty”: “The ultimate evolutionary reason is presumably to guarantee paternity, since a cuckolded man is in the worst imaginable evolutionary scenario: investing in the child, and hence the genes, of a rival man.””

dear god steven pinker might be even more embarrassing than dick dorkins


lol just in case “men are immutably misogynist because of evolution” might have led you to think that at least he understands the problem, from the same article:

 “Feminism as a movement for political and social equity is important, but feminism as an academic clique committed to eccentric doctrines about human nature is not. Eliminating discrimination against women is important, but believing that women and men are born with indistinguishable minds is not. Freedom of choice is important, but ensuring that women make up exactly 50 percent of all professions is not. And eliminating sexual assaults is important, but advancing the theory that rapists are doing their part in a vast male conspiracy is not.”

evolve pinker into a trash can imo


i love insinuations that radical left politics are just a frivolity of youth because i was a shit liberal when i was a lil teen and im just going more and more left and more radical while getting older

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i’ve posted this story before but Norman Spinrad wrote a quite famous novel called The Iron Dream - it’s basically a pulp sci-fi type story but with the conceit that it was written by an alternate history hitler and it features an introductory essay by a fake academic talking about history and going on about how great the story is. you can see the wikipedia here and the storyline is pretty much an exact sci fi version of hitler’s own politics and dreams, with a clear stand-in representing jewish people who are fought by hitler’s glorious aryan nation. it is clear that the book is aimed at showing how messed up a lot of our stories of domination and triumph are and particularly how many fantasy and sci fi novels have horrifying ideas about racial politics and supermen.

but not everyone got the point. apparently “The American Nazi Party put the book on its recommended reading list, despite the satirical intent of the work” and to quote spinrad himself

"To make damn sure that even the historically naive and entirely unselfaware reader got the point, I appended a phony critical analysis of Lord of the Swastika, in which the psychopathology of Hitler’s saga was spelled out by a tendentious pedant in words of one syllable. Almost everyone got the point… And yet one review appeared in a fanzine that really gave me pause. “This is a rousing adventure story and I really enjoyed it,” the gist of it went. “Why did Spinrad have to spoil the fun with all this muck about Hitler?”[1]”

which is a pretty good summary of how even the most obvious satire will always find a happy audience among those it’s ostensibly attacking, as well as those who just don’t care

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New Map Project: Highways of the United States

At long last, I can finally unveil my (almost) completed map project that i’ve been working on since May 31, 2012. Yes, 2012!

I’ve given plenty of teasers about this project over the last two years, but I still think the final scale of it will amaze you. Not only have I created a map of the contiguous United States that shows every single last active and numbered Interstate Highway and U.S. Route (both two- and three-digit), but I’ve also broken the map down into separate state and regional maps. So far, I’ve made 33 of these maps and there’s another 11 to go to complete the set. There aren’t 48 state maps because some of them are just too small to show individually (I’m looking at you, Rhode Island!). These are included in regional maps like New England or Chesapeake (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC).

More details about the project and better image previews can be found on my main design website. Head on over to read about the main US map, or about the individual state and regional maps.

Posters in a variety of sizes are available in my brand new shop. Orders taken up to the end of the month of April are pre-orders; I expect to begin shipping in the first week of May.

Comments, reblogs, likes, and shares are appreciated to spread the word! Let me know what you think, or let me know if you find any glaring errors.

in general i am So Over the “subway map of things that aren’t subways” aesthetic but this is really well done

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Day 43: They have accepted me as their own.




Day 43: They have accepted me as their own.