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can someone please direct me to whichever website makes the most convincing argument as to exactly how long ago and in which specific galaxy the star wars saga takes place

thanks in advance


extremely rich right now thanks to my computer program that spits out a new article for time magazine about millenials every 2 months. it has two settings on the dial. setting one is “the problem with millenials is that they’re not buying houses”. setting two is “the problem with millenials is that they’re lazy, and not buying houses”


right…. wrong… i’m the guy with the gun… sword… knife… club… stick… coffee mug… paper bag… leftover box from double whopper…

sick beat dude

one of these days someone is going to finally get around to putting an alpha pad on a tv remote and we can finally be done with navigating the cursor around that stupid alphabetical grid on netflix or w/e


Im sure most of my followers on here are at least peripherally aware of a page I help moderate called transhousingnetwork because I reblog posts from there often.

It is a page where trans people who are in need of shelter (most often temporary, emergency shelter) but who are unable to or feel unsafe getting it elsewhere. The way this page works is by way of people who are willing to read, signal boost and respond to “need couch’ posts and hopefully submit “have couch” posts advertising available space.

Demand for emergency shelter for trans people is especially high in all major metro areas but especially those in California (especially the Bay Area and Los Angeles) and the Pacific Northwest (especially Portland, Seattle, and Olympia) which tend to be major centers of refuge for a lot of trans people.

I’m making this post to spread awareness of the blog transhousingnetwork and especially to encourage anyone residing in one of those major metro centers on the west coast to signal boost or respond to some of the recent posts up on there and to submit “have couch” posts if you are able.

A lot of the people who are posting on there are on the street or imminently facing homelessness and in many cases have been turned away from or faced harassment, violence, and sexual assault in shelters and this page is their last resort.

Thanks everyone who reads this and can help


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there’s this phenomenon on youtube of people putting a record on a record player, playing it, and videotaping it. it’s weird and fetishistic and i feel like they should be uploading the videos to porn sites instead

i haven’t done the slightest bit of research into the protests going on in hong kong. but uhhhhhhh maybe this picture tells us something? lmfao

i haven’t done the slightest bit of research into the protests going on in hong kong. but uhhhhhhh maybe this picture tells us something? lmfao


hey i seem to be getting a lot of new followers lately so just a couple of quick things:
  • if you’re here because of the “don’t meme on me” flag, jazzcatte aka atomicdomme actually came up with that line while being shamefully memed on, i just illustrated it, and frankly i’m sick of seeing notes about it
  • i’m literally a communist irl and i think the united states government needs to be overthrown and replaced with a workers’ state
  • i’m queer as hell, i had my blood replaced with glitter when i was seventeen,
  • i don’t watch anime, i hate macklemore, and i think benedict cumberbatch is one of the ugliest people alive

so you might not actually like my blog. but you might like one of my world-famous smash hit sideblogs, such as:

  • Party Goatz, a blog with pictures and videos of partying goats (updates daily)
  • Star Trek Charts, a blog with star trek-related charts and diagrams (updates daily)
  • XFILES.EXE, a blog with screenshots of computer screens from the x-files (updates daily)
  • Give Us This Day Our Daily Brezhnev, a blog that so far posts pictures of leonid brezhnev, until i can figure out something more substantial to do with it (updates intermittently)
  • Today in Depressing History, a blog that combed the pages of history to bring you the most depressing parts of it (no longer updates)
  • Tomorrow in Depressing History, a parody of the previous blog that took place in the future (no longer updates)

plus several more that aren’t ready for primetime yet

as a card-carrying bisexual i am contractually forbidden from picking a side on anything, and am thus both a day and night blogger. i also don’t queue my reblogs or have any compunction about reblogging a post with six-digit notes

tumblr user boysinbarrettes is not for everyone. talk to your doctor before following

always be posting


sometimes i fear that i have said so many nasty things about bill maher on the internet that, if he were hypothetically killed some day, a dedicated legal team would be able to establish a motive for me as the killer and frame me


to be quite honest, i am not ready for october. its too scary. pumpkins are too scary