boys in barrettes

☭ death ☠ to ☢ capitalism ☣ long ☤ live ☥ hair ☬ clips ☃

did kirk just kick this klingon in the balls

how can anyone deny kirk/spock when star trek iii exists

watching star trek ii just made me all the more angry about into darkness

Enterprise feels like a house with all the children gone. No, more empty even than that. The death of Spock is like an open wound. It seems I have left the noblest part of myself back there on that newborn planet.

James T. Kirk, a man who Robert Orci would have us believe is heterosexual

DidUKnow: The entire philosophy of Marxism was created by Karl Marx so that he would be able to justify illegally downloading music.

i’m hungry, i’ve run out of things to look at on the computer in the library computer lab, and my paycheck was bigger than i was expecting. you know what that means: time to burg






so if ya’ll haven’t heard, a lot of detroit residents have had their water turned off due to “outstanding bills”, some of $50 dollars or less. It’s gathered a lot of attention (probably bc it’s fucking disgusting) and national corporations like PETA have decided to do something about it!!! by paying off the water bills of detroit residents -who just have to agree to go vegan for a month. i am very angry, obviously, by the fact that WATER has been thrown around like a prize or a privilege in detroit and i’m really sad about this. 

(if you want to do something to help, you can pay the water bills [or parts of them!] of residents who have been affected by the shut off at

((also if you know anyone personally who has been affected by the shut off, have the call in 211 hotline to be connected the united way services))

Dear fucking god this is disgusting. Literally bartering peoples human rights in exchange for adherence to their beliefs is so vile. I’m shaking with anger. How dare they use this flagrant denial of people’s rights as a PUBLICITY STUNT THE FUCKING AUDACITY OF THESE PRIVILEGED SHITBAGS IS OVERWHELMING.
and here i was hoping that PETA had decided to provide water access so that people can keep their pets alive or something. This is so much more petty and disgusting.


also reminder that PETA doesnt actually give a shit about animals and euthanizes the vast majority of animals within its care, adoptable or not, and are in fact entirely a profit-making front using veganism and animal welfare as a convenient blanket of legitimacy

Anonymous: I was wondering if you may have some advice on dealing with my doctor. He's quite old, is the only doctor in my city that will do hrt, and seemingly has got this weird complex about it. I've had to see him five times in as many months ($100/visit) and he's only got me on 2mg estrodiol & 50mg spiro. I'm about to have to move to a place where I def won't have a better doctor an he's threatening to cut me off if I can't drive 6 hours to see him once a month. And still won't give me a full dosage

what an asshole. I suggest any of the following:

  1. Ask your doctor why he is treating you in a way that is unsupported by the WPATH SOC V7, the UCSF Primary Care Protocols for gender reassignment, the Tom Waddell Clinic SOC, and every other credible, up to date evidence-based guideline on earth. 
  2. Contact your primary care provider. If this dickbag is your PCP, find a new one. Don’t be afraid to ask every fucking clinic in the area, without identifying yourself first, if they are LGBT-friendly, have any trans patients, favor a patient-centered approach, and other buzzwords for “exercises basic compassion and critical thinking with patients.” Feel free to ask them, point-blank, if they will follow a primary care protocol from an internationally-respected university (i.e. UCSF) designed specifically for primary care providers who may lack direct experience with trans patients. Ask if they will at least read it and consider accepting you as a patient. Any primary care provider is qualified to initiate and manage your gender transition. Contrary to common belief, an endocrinologist is not required and hormonal gender reassignment does not present grave medical risks for most patients. The required tests are simple, and the necessary treatments can be administered on an informed-consent basis.
  3. If this fails, seek out local free clinics, womens’ clinics, etc. Ask similar questions. There are informed consent clinics specifically for trans people (like Tom Waddell, above) but it depends on your area.
  4. If these steps fail, ask your primary care provider if they will provide harm-reduction care. Inform them that under no circumstances will you stop taking hormones or subject yourself to unnecessary restrictions on dosage. Inform them that you will procure hormones if they will not prescribe, and require basic testing (potassium, CBC, lipids, gluc, PT/PTT) to prevent you from dying.
  5. Depending on what level of medical oversight or access you can obtain with these steps, you can additionally order hormones online. Alldaychemist and inhousepharmacy are traditional standbys, I’ve used both myself. I don’t know the latest with inhouse but they used to be more affordable and easy to order from, that may have changed. For what this asshole is charging you, and the level of care he’s providing, you might as well just buy what you really need from the proud people of the cayman islands. The biggest immediate concern is hyperkalemia from the spironolactone - other issues may present depending on your health. You can get serum potassium levels checked at walgreens clinics, walmart clinics, etc. if you have to. I would do it a week after changing dose, and then every three months for a year, and then maybe yearly once you’re stable.

Good luck. I wish you didn’t have to deal with this. I encourage you to get in touch again, privately, anonymously, whatever, if there’s anything else I can tell you. It would help to know more about your location and general health, but you don’t have to tell me anything you’re not comfortable with.


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i recently reached $5,000 on my surgery fundraiser! that is almost 17% to my goal! I still have nearly 25k to go to be able to afford my facial feminization surgery (which is necessary for my well-being). 

I am actually starting to look in to some of the practical aspects of doing this now (like, what surgeon I am going to see, where I am going to stay, et cetera) which is an amazing thing to experience after being despondent for years over the idea I would never be able to afford this on my own.

if you can easily afford to spare a couple dollars please do that (if all of my followers donated just $10 I would have more than enough to get this surgery) and if not please continue to signal boost my posts about this. Thank you so much 👼