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YO if you’re think you’re a communist but you also think that trans women are really just men and they should be excluded from women’s-only spaces or not humored with delusions of gendeur or whatever the fuck you anti-trans morons think is going on, then not only are you wrong but you don’t even understand the whole fucking point of communism, which is fighting for the rights of the oppressed which trans people objectively fucking are in virtually every way so in conclusion get bent. Love, Someone Who Understands That “Materialism” Means Taking A Look At How The Actual Fucking World Works Once In A While

Tags:   »trans  »transphobia  »queer  »TERF  »bigotry  »anti-trans  »the transsexual empire  »marxism  »communism  »bad marxists
Sunday, Octember 14th, 2,012 at 445 pm
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